Likoda Li-Mbog

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April 2016



It is about the centrality of mbog in the socio-political architecture of the Basaa people. Likoda li-mbog in its meaning of the rally of the Basaa people around a charter (mbog), determines the social, economic, political and other order. To argue this central position of mbog in the being of the Basaa people, the author's point of departure is the social structure, which social structure he analyses in the purview of Schutzian phenomenology putting emphasis on vernacular terms and their interpretation from with the culture of the Basaa people themselves.Mbog the author avers, is the hub of the political and the sacred among the Basaa people. Likoda li-mbog, the people's assembly, which used to be presided by the Nkaa-mbog, is the instance which federates all Basaa groups and subtends the cultural corpus.


Lecturer for Social Anthropology since 2011 at the Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda
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Untertitel: The World-View and Social Organisation of the Basaa People of Cameroon. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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