The Horse Doctor Is in: A Kentucky Veterinarian's Advice and Wisdom on Horse Health Care

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November 2002



In warm, conversational anecdotes taken from his own practice, Kelley - an award-winning columnist for The Thoroughbred Times as well as a practicing vet - writes about horse health care, from fertility to fractures to foot care. Appealing to the ongoing reader fascination with vets' lives and experiences, as well as to horse owners' needs for sound veterinary advice, THE HORSE DOCTOR IS IN is a medical reference without the endless pages of unreadable medical-speak. Sound, browsable, practical, and usable, this book will both be read in armchairs and used in 3 a.m. barn emergencies. A broad range of equine health issues is covered in four major sections: Disease; Lameness; Breeding and Foaling; and Care and Management (which covers barn safety, stable vices, goats as companion animals, and more). Each chapter uses a true story to set up a health scenario, then flows into a practical discussion of problems, conditions, or diseases. There are chapters on everything from foaling through equine old age, allowing readers to enjoy the pleasure of fine narrative storytelling while learning how to better handle and understand horses. A particularly satisfying benefit of the book is becoming acquainted with a variety of interesting horses and their owners.


...a blend of practical and friendly veterinary advice liberally peppered with is own perceptions and opinions, and based on his own experience. "Horse & Rider" "" Kelley offers down home advice woven with warm humor in his book. "Tack N Togs" "" Appealing to readers fascination with the day-to-day lives of veterinarians, as well as their need for sound veterinary advice, "The Horse Doctor Is In "is inviting and easy to understand. "New England Horse Talk "*also featured in "Equine Journal" The Horse Doctor Is In stands out among the plethora of equine health care manuals available. "Thoroughbred Times" ...this book is a bargain at the price and will be in demand from readers. "Booklist"
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