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Januar 2013



Seminar paper from the year 2011 in the subject Business economics - Personnel and Organisation, grade: Distinction, University of Lincoln, course: Masters of Business Administration, language: English, abstract: To survive a world that is changing increasingly rapidly, business needs to be able to anticipate change and to keep configuring themselves (Lawler and Worley, 2006). Change is often refused to accept at both the individual and the organizational level, although it has some potential positive outcomes (Mullins, 2005). It is often possible to anticipate responses to organizational change, and use that knowledge both to develop support for change and to address to change. It can be argued that change has both positive and negative aspects, and this will be discussed in this essay. On the one hand, change implies experiment and the creation of something new. On the other hand, it means discontinuity and the destruction of familiar arrangements and relationships. Despite the positive attributes, change can be refused to accept because it involves confrontation with the unknown and loss of the familiar (Buchman and Huczynski, 2004). Resistance to change and the thought of the implication of the change appears to be natural and a common phenomenon (Mullins, 2005; Buchman and Huczynski, 2004). Therefore, the knowledge of managing change has become very significant concept to implement the change successfully in the organization. In addition, I believe that the knowledge of managing change will help me in my future career to deal with any problem, which will arise from the change in the organization. This essay will critically discuss the nature of managing change by exploring different definitions, and the different views among the writers regarding managing change. Then, it will discuss the application of literature of managing change in the perspective of OA Ltd case study. Later, it will describe the application of job rotation to bring changes in OA Ltd. Finally, It will discuss the possible problems arises from the job rotation.


A highly skilled PhD Candidate specialising in marketing and market research with a background in finance & accounting. Possess good knowledge of accounting software SAP FI & Co,web based financial reporting tool Hyperion, Cristal reporting ,Advanced MS- Excel, SPSS for data analysis .Expertise in financial reporting of sales & Opex, preparing product wise PnL statement and administering retirement plans(401(k) plan, Profit Sharing Plan,Money Purchase Plan etc.). Seeking a rewarding and ...


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Untertitel: How to manage change in Organisation. Sprache: Englisch. Dateigröße in KByte: 496.
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