Motivational Strategy for Distance Education Teachers

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Januar 2013



This research focused on the teacher's perspective on distance education student motivation, by identifying how the distance education teachers understand motivational strategies, ways on how communicate and interact with the students to motivate them, ways on how intrinsic and extrinsic motivators are employed, and what learner-centred designs are currently being applied. Data collection involved a questionnaire survey. Data analyses of the results were identified according three main categories, which is further divided into 16 sub-categories. Findings are presented according to the 16 sub-categories and are discussed in relation to the three main categories, where it has been identified that the tertiary level distance education teachers have pivotal roles to play in promoting motivation in this context. Certain methods have been identified to be very potent motivators for distance education which the teacher may put into practice. Face-to-face meetings, self-motivation, and engaging designs are the three most significant motivational factors respectively in each category for the tertiary level distance education learners in Bangladesh.


Amirul Islam is an Assistant Professor in Mathematics of Bangladesh Open University. He has been working as a Teacher Educator at a Distance for the last 10 years. He did his M Ed from the De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines. His other published books are 'Mathematics', 'Mathematics Teaching' and 'Learning, Evaluation & Reflective Practice'.
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