Essential Elements In Watermelons Grown In Kenya

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Januar 2013



To be healthy and active, one requires food in adequate quantity, quality and variety to meet energy needs and nutrients. Watermelon has high content of water of about 93%. It is a rich source of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and smaller amounts of copper, iron, zinc and selenium. Watermelons have substantial amounts of boron, iodine, chromium, silicon and molybdenum. The levels of nutrients in different parts of the watermelons may be different. Different people consume different parts and varieties of watermelon and thus depending on the part/variety of watermelon consumed these people may get different nutrients and levels of the same. However, levels of nutrients in various parts/varieties of watermelon have not been documented.This study therefore determined the levels of Si, Ca, B, Mo, Cr and V in the four parts of Charleston grey, Crimson sweet and Sugar baby watermelons.


Esther Wanja was born in Embu county in Kenya. currently a PHD student in Chemistry at Kenyatta University. A holder of masters degree in applied analytical chemistry and a bachelors degree in education science from Kenyatta university. At present a teacher at Nguviu boys high school in Embu County in Kenya.
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