Establishing a Test with Distributed Database Systems

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Januar 2013



This book presents a framework to handle the fragmentation problem during the designing and testing of distributed database system. The framework works in the conceptual level, and thus uses the object data model to capture the application semantics represented by the user. It intends to analyze various possibilities for an effective way for applying approved quality assurance practices to XP.In this we use to classify Functional Requirements Statements (FRS) and Non-Functional Requirement Statements (NFRS) from Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document. This is systematically transformed into Unified Modeling Language (UML)'s Sequence Diagrams by considering all relevant information.


Dr.R.Mahammad Shafi,acquire 12+ yrs of teaching experience in Computer Science Engineering and hold Doctoral Degree from University of Allahabad,India.Currently working as a Head of the Department, Department of Computer Applications,Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College, Tirupathi,India.He has rich experience in publishing articles in journals.
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