Electrospinning of Polymers for Functional Nanofibres

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Electrospinning has been universally regarded as a cost-effective and efficient method for producing continuous nanofibres. The influences of electrospinning spinnerets on electrospinning process and fibre properties are elucidated in this book. Needleless electrospinning technologies are explored for the mass production of nanofibres. Functional nanofibres with side-by-side, core-sheath, and uniform structures are fabricated using specifically designed spinnerets. This book should be useful to both professionals in the electrospinning field and anyone else who may be considering utilizing electrospinning technology.


Dr. Haitao Niu is a research fellow at Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University, Australia. He obtained his PhD degree in Materials Engineering from Deakin University in 2010. His research interests are electrospinning technology, development of functional nanofibres and their applications.
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