Iris Species

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Irises belong to genus Iridacea, comprising of about 300 species and are widely distributed throughout Northern Temperate Zone and the Equator.These are perennial herbs growing from rhizomes and have beautiful flowers. The plant is grown for its beautiful flowers. In Kashmir valley irises grow widely in graveyards where they have escaped from the threat of loss of habitat. Traditionally Irises have been used in traditional systems of medicine all over the world and its various medicinal properties and pharmacological activities have been reported. This book introduces genus iris to beginners, reviews traditional uses of iris species, reviews the phytochemicals isolated from iris species, the pharmacological activities have been reported of these species and genetic diversity studies carried out on iris species. Book carries a study about genetic diversity using DNA molecular markers and phytochemical investigation with respect to bio active components carried on five iris species found in Kashmir valley in Himalayas. Book is packed with information about Molecular markers like RAPD and ISSR. Thus this book can be very useful and handy.


Graduated from University of Kashmir with a Masters of Science in Biotechnology. Presently a Research Scholar at Department of Biotechnology working on Pharmacological activities of plants.
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Untertitel: Review And Study Of Phytochemical And Genetic Diversity Of Iris Species. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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