Innocent in the House

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Joseph Pilgrim is swept into the House of Commons by Labour's landslide in 1997 - much to his own surprise. In trying to avoid the system of patronage and sycophancy, he innocently stumbles up the greasy pole of success. But then a past sexual peccadillo returns to haunt him.


Andy McSmith is Political Editor of the Independent on Sunday. His previous books include John Smith: Playing the Long Game, Kenneth Clarke: A Political Biography and Faces of Labour.


""Smollet could hardly have contrived in better."" -- Paul Routledge, - The Spectator "This is his first novel; he should have started long ago. His background as a Labour press officer, then working for the Mirror, the Observer and now the Daily Telegraph, make him uniquely qualified to write about the shenanigans, cruelties and hypocrisies of the political world" - Edwina Currie, The New Statesman "Curl up and enjoy." - Gyles Brandreth, The Good Book Guide ""A comic gem, a kind of Primary Colors that shrewdly lays bare the day-to-day maneuverings of Parliament's power elite."" -- Mark Rozzo, Los Angeles Times Book Review "... not only offers a rattling good yarn but provides more insight into the inner workings of Westminster than many accounts of political progress." - The Scotsman "McSmith is a great writer and there's lots to hold your interest, not to mention the fun to be had spotting appearances by the real New Labour stars." - Punch "A smart tale of mishaps and successes." - The Guardian "...a brilliantly clever and wickedly indiscreet novel about New Labour." 'The Browser', The Observer ""Innocent in the House is a sumptuous, barely fictional account of Commons life under New Labour--a filthy press, plenty of sex, and the politics ground to pieces in a highly readable vortex of coke snorting, spin doctoring, and intrigue. I thoroughly enjoyed it."" -- Jon Snow, Observer Books of the Year
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