The Death of a Thousand Cuts

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Dezember 2000



This bk presents the first up-to-date comprehensive treatment of the corporate campaign . It is aimed at both scholars, advanced students and it's practioners in fields of political commun, public relations, labor studies, human resources and management.


Contents: Preface. Introduction. From Ann Arbor, With Love. The State of the Unions. The Learning Curve. The Corporate Campaign Comes of Age. Nonlabor-Based Anticorporate Campaigns. Look for the Union Label. Attack of the "Tree-Huggers." Campaigning by the Book. The Codes of the West. Money Talks... ...and the Customers Walk. The Tools of Capitalism. The Campaign Branches Out. Telling the Public What It Thinks. Weaving a Web, Worldwide. Back to the Future. Appendices: Union-Initiated and Other Labor-Based Corporate Campaigns, 1974-1999. Anticorporate Campaigns Launched by Nonlabor Entities, 1989-1999.
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