Teaching Soccer Fundamentals

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A comprehensive guide to teaching essential soccer skills to players ages eight to 12. 120 illustrations.


Nelson McAvoy retired as a head scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and is now involved in what truly brings him joy-helping kids enjoy the game of soccer.The director of the Potomac Highlands Soccer Club, McAvoy has coached youth soccer in widely different locations, including Eastern Europe, Puerto Rico, and in Washington D.C. He is certified as an AYSO coaching instructor and a Scottish Football Association youth and club coach. He has also held a USSF B license for 25 years and holds an advanced national diploma from the National Soccer Coaches' Association of America.McAvoy lives in Keyser, West Virginia. When not coaching soccer or administering soccer events, he enjoys equestrian jumping and driving sports cars.


"""This book will help coaches develop a good foundation and basic coaching methodology. I recommend it for coaches of adolescent players."""
Jeff Tipping
Director of Coaching
National Soccer Coaches' Association of America
"""McAvoy expresses ideas which are of value to both the novice coach and experienced coach at the highest level."""
Richard Broad
President, American Soccer Program
Director, Middle States Soccer Camps
Head Soccer Coach, Woodson High School, Fairfax, VA
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