Language and Gesture

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Landmark study on the role of gestures in relation to speech and thought.


Introduction David McNeill; Part I. Gesture in Action: 1. Pointing, gesture spaces, and mental maps John Haviland; 2. Language and gesture: Unity or duality? Adam Kendon; 3. Verbal and gestural expressions of space in socio-spatial context: The integration of space, spatial modality and spatial context Asli Ozyurek; 4. Gestures that count Charles Goodwin; 5. Gestural interaction between the instructor and the learner in origami instruction Nobuhiro Furuyama; 6. Gestures, knowledge, and the world Curtis Le Baron and Jurgen Streeck; Part II. Gesture in Language: 7. Growth points in thinking-for-speaking David McNeill and Susan D. Duncan; 8. How representational gestures help speaking Sotaro Kita; 9. When do most spontaneous representational gestures actually occur with respect to speech? Shuichi Nobe; 10. The disruption of gesture by stuttering: insights into the nature of the gesture-speech integration Rachel I. Mayberry and Joselynne Jaques; 11. A multichannel view of communication: the grounding of language comprehension in perception Elena Levy and Carol Fowler; 12. Gesture and the transition from one-to two-word speech: when hand and mouth come together Cynthia Butcher and Susan Goldin-Meadow; Part III. Modeling Gesture Performance: 13. Lexical gestures and lexical access: a process model Robert M. Krauss, Yihsiu Chen and Rebecca F. Gottesman; 14. The production of gesture and speech Jan Peter de Ruiter; 15. Catchments and contexts: non-modular factors in speech and gesture production David McNeill; Part IV. From Gesture to Sign: 16. Blended spaces and deixis in sign language discourse Scott Liddell; 17. Gestural precursors to linguistic constructs: how input shapes the form of language Jill Morford and Judy Kegl; 18. Gesture to sign (language) William C. Stokoe.
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