Three Dog Night

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November 2013



It's the coldest winter in memory as ex-convict Peter Boutrup moves to remote, rural Denmark to start a new life. But when a young woman goes missing on New Year's Eve and Peter discovers the body of Ramses, an old acquaintance from prison, things start to unravel. Two days after the disappearance the body of a young girl is found in the harbour - she is naked, attached to an anchor and her face has been torn off. Is this the body of the missing woman and is it connected with Ramses' murder? And could Peter's strange new neighbour, Felix, be involved? Peter Boutrup just wants peace and quiet but he must accept that the truth lies hidden in the past he is trying to forget. Populated by a cast of characters from the underbelly of Danish society, Three Dog Night is a fast paced thriller that paints a picture of a rarely seen side of Denmark.




Elsebeth Egholm is a Danish author and journalist who lives in Jutland, Denmark. She has written ten books and in 2011 published Three Dog Night which was the start of a new series introducing ex-convict Peter Boutrup and was an instant bestseller. She created the TV series THOSE WHO KILL which has been remade in the US starring Chloe Sevigny.


Egholm is a better storyteller than most other female crime writers ... It's thrilling and brutal Ekstra Bladet Add to this the supple language and the evocative descriptions of beauty as well as ugliness on Djursland, and the result is a highly recommended, bleak and captivating crime novel Information Both plot and characters go full throttle ... How it all connects is both surprising and imaginative Politiken The story is captivating and well told. The book has some cleverly turned twists in a focused narrative where the expected truths emerge during the dramatical final stand-off metroXpress
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