Looking Backward: True Stories from Chicago's Jewish Past

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August 2005



The History of Jews in Chicago is a fascinating, complex and largely unknown story. Thanks to the unstinting efforts of Walter Roth, much of this history has been preserved.Now, for the first time, this material has been distilled into a single volume, chronicling events and people from the late nineteenth century to the end of World War II.There are six broad themes, each of which includes several essays: the first of which is "Chicago Jews and the Secular City: Builders -- Movers -- Shakers" about HL Mettes' huge 1924 history of Chicago Jews; financier Lazarus Silverman; the U of C Centennial; Jewish participation in the World's Columbian Exposition; Julius Rosenwald and the Museum of Science & Industry and the Jewish Day Pageant at the Century of Progress in 1933.The other five themes are "Chicago Jews and Anti-Semitism: Tragedy Abroad -- Challenges at Home"; "Chicago Jews and Zionism: Local Idealists"; "Chicago Jews and Zionism: Renowned Visitors"; "Chicago Jews and the Arts: The Page and the Stage" and "Chicago Jews on Both Sides of the Law: Colorful Characters."Anyone interested in Chicago history, ethnic history, Jewish history, will find Looking Backward a fascinating and informative read.


Walter Roth

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