Inventing the Savage: The Social Construction of Native American Criminality

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Demonstrates how race/ethnicity, gender, and class contribute to the criminalizing of various behaviours and incarceration rates. This book draws on the Native women's own words, and reveals the violence in their lives prior to incarceration, their responses to it, and how those responses affect their eventual criminalization and imprisonment.


Acknowledgments; Introduction Part I. Colonization and the Social Construction of Deviance 1.Worlds Collide: New World, New Indians; 2.Racializing Montana: The Creation of "Bad Indians" ContinuesPart II. Creating Dangerous Women: Narratives of Imprisoned Native American and White Women 3.Prisoner Profile: Past and Present; 4. Lives Dictated by Violence; 5. Experiences of Women in Prison: "They Keep Me at a Level Where They Can Control Me"; 6. Rehabilitation or Control: "What Are They Trying to Do? Destroy Me?"; 7. Prison Subculture: "It's All a Game and It Doesn't Make Sense to Me"; 8. Motherhood Imprisoned: Images and Concerns of Imprisoned Mothers; 9. Double Punishment: Weak Institutional Support for Imprisoned Mothers; 10. Rehabilitation and Healing of Imprisoned Mothers; 11. Narrative of a Native Woman on the Outside: Gloria Wells Norlin (Ka min di tat) Epilogue; Appendix: Violations and Descriptions; Notes; Bibliography; Index


"Professor Ross, through painstaking phenomenological analysis, has unmasked some of the ways in which (race, class, and gender) prejudices, and their internalization by individuals targeted by them, exert enormous influence on the processes and outcomes of the American criminal justice system... This book will be of tremendous import to a broad, interdisciplinary audience." Franke Wilmer, Associate Professor of Political Science, Montana State University
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