The Merchant of Venice

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Januar 2003



Full text of the play and thorough account of its performance history.


List of illustrations; Series editors' preface; Acknowledgements; Editor's note; List of abbreviations; List of productions; Introduction; List of characters; The Merchant of Venice and commentary; Appendix 1; Appendix 2; Bibliography; Index.


Charles Edelman was awarded the Sohmer-Hall prize by the Globe Theatre for his book, Shakespeare's Military Language: A Dictionary.


'This latest addition to the Shakespeare in Production series ... is highly recommended for all libraries with drama, literature and performance collections.' Reference Reviews 'I cannot recommend too highly the whole series (a bargain at GBP16.99 for each play) to all theatre lovers, theatregoers, theatre practitioners, and anybody who enjoys Shakespeare.' Robert Tanitch, What's on in London
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