How to Listen to God

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September 2002



After becoming a Christian, believers discover the joy of God's voice, but often the purity and freshness of that initial experience becomes clouded by the daily routine of life. In "How to Listen to God" Dr. Charles Stanley helps readers rediscover how to distinguish God's voice from all other voices around them, and how to joyfully and obediently respond. Dr. Stanley uses personal experiences from his life and ministry to discuss: why God wants to communicate with us, how God gets our attention, how God communicates with us, and how to listen to God and enjoy His presence.Previously published in hardcover (0-8407-9041-4).


Dr. Charles Stanley is senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta. He is the founder and president of InTouch(R) Ministries. His bestselling books include The Source of My Strength and How to Listen to God.
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