The Early Battles of the Eighth Army

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Readers of this author's Eighth Army s Greatest Victories will welcome this latest work covering the difficult early period of what was to become one of the most illustrious formations in British military history. Born from the Western Desert force, the Eighth Army was beset with command, equipment and morale problems before it emerged to enjoy glory.The book recounts the events of the first year of the Eighth Army's existence when it enjoyed the advantages of superior numbers, superior tanks (contrary to legend), superior intelligence and the support of a more effective air force. Despite these benefits and the undoubted valor of its soldiers, however, it suffered a series of defeats or, even more disheartening, successes which brought no lasting benefit. The book describes these events and explains the reasons with authority.


Adrian Stewart was educated at Rugby School before taking First Class Honours at Cambridge. Previously published books include The Battle for Leyte Gulf, Guadalcanal, Underrated Enemy - Britain's War with Japan and Eighth Army's Greatest Victories.
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