Work with Meaning, Work with Joy: Bringing Your Spirit to Any Job

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Juni 2003



A pioneer of the emerging spirituality and work movement offers an honest, insightful, and challenging guide to working with meaning in any job.


Chapter 1 Discovering New Possibilities for Meaning and Joy at Work Chapter 2 Seeing Your Work as a Spiritual Journey Chapter 3 Creating and Using a Workplace Altar Chapter 4 Turning Stress and Burnout into Energy and Insight Chapter 5 Finding Wisdom for Work from Many Traditions Chapter 6 Tapping Your Own Wisdom throughout the Workday Chapter 7 Working with Integrity as Your Bottom Line Chapter 8 Creating Spiritual Community at and for Your Work Chapter 9 Envisioning and Re-Visioning Your Work and Your Profession Chapter 10 Resources for Meaningful and Satisfying Work


Pat McHenry Sullivan, president of Visionary resources in Oakland, CA, helps individuals and groups to work with more integrity, purpose, and joy. An expert in the spirituality and work movement, she has published over fifty articles on practical, everyday spirituality and twenty-six "Vision and Values" columns for the San Francisco Chronicle and its predecessor, The Examiner and Chronicle. She is a board member for the Association of Spirit and Work and contributing editor for Earthlight magazine


"You could do a lot worse than following this modern mystic on a path to greater happiness in the workplace. Pat Sullivan asks you to engage in a deep inquiry that can lead to profound possibilities. She profides many tools that enable you to connect your work, whatever it is, with your spiritual life. For the skeptics it's filled with scholarly documentation. If you're unhappy at work, read this book! " --Stewart Levine, author, The Book of Agreement and Getting to Resolution.
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