The Crafts Business Encyclopedia: The Modern Craftsperson's Guide to Marketing, Management, and Money

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September 1993



Whether you produce crafts as a hobby or as a profession, it's important to remember that if you sell your work, you're in business, and every business person must know the essentials if he or she is to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. The Crafts Business Encyclopedia, with its easy-to-use format, will allow you to manage your business with the same careful and creative skill you devote to your work. The Encyclopedia defines and discusses hundreds of terms and will guide you toward a complete understanding of many aspects of the crafts business, including the following: protecting work by copyright; advertising and selling crafts effectively; managing bookkeeping, invoices, and credit; buying appropriate insurance; and calculating taxes. Entries are listed alphabetically with handy cross-references to related sections, and helpful appendixes list organizations and publications vital to today's crafts artist. Success or failure, profit or loss: each of these depends on how you run your affairs, manage your money, find your markets, solve your problems. If you love your work and if you want to be in the crafts business through the nineties and beyond, let The Crafts Business Encyclopedia be your guide.

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