Cool Gardens

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In this previously self-published book of poems, the lead singer of the Grammy-nominated metal band, System of a Down, gives readers a glimpse into his life and thoughts over the past eight years. Includes original artwork by Sako Shahinian, a young Los Angeles-based artist. Full color.


Serj Tankian's Web site, www. serjicalstrike.com, features more of his poetry and writings. He lives in Los Angeles, California.


Saul Williams Author of "She" Serj's words, like his voice, have a distinct aesthetic sensibility connected to an unyielding, visceral roar of passion. His capacity 'to mock a killing bird' while we wonder at the grace, beauty, and colorful range of his wingspan will be the trademark of both of his singing and writing careers. Serj is an amazing artist, full of passion, with a beautiful heart that pumps the essence of his vision and talent.
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