The Mighty Hybrid and the Keeper of the Slabs

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August 2013



Introduction; Preface;
Section 1 - The People, Bands and Places (15 chapters);
Section 2 - The Quest to Find the Original Hybrid (8 chapters);
Section 3 - Nostalgic Research (3 chapters);
Section 4 - Hybrid Reference Section (4 chapters);
Section 5 - Completing My 1964 Idea (1 chapter).


The son of a Royal Air Force Pilot Officer, Barrie was born in Oxford, 1945. Following the return from his 1964 German recording tour with The Shamrocks, the emergent British R&B boom bass player joined Dr K's Blues band and created bass guitar history by ordering a Telecaster Bass in early 1966: his visionary idea produced the now legendary Fender Precision/Telecaster Bass Hybrid. Barrie has remained a true Bluesman, loving the sound of a wailing harp and boogie piano. An author of incisive recall and vivid descriptive ability, Barrie finally reveals the facts of what actually happened in 1966 leading up to and surrounding his origins of the 1967/8 developed Fender Telecaster Bass Guitar. He has had a varied and interesting career, a professional driver, museum conservation technician, qualified toolmaker and journeyman shipwright, honing inherent hand skills he is a true Artisan. As a consultant antiquities engineer working alongside leading London restorers, he conserved anything from ancient Cycladic art to Dong Son bronzes and gold. Conservator and mount-maker extraordinaire, his work can be seen in London, New York, and Japanese museums and private collections worldwide. Seemingly unstoppable since retiring, he has now completed his 1964 designed Bats Bass and published this important treatise that is the cypher key unlocking the mystery surrounding The Mighty Hybrid.


'A fascinating and informative story about the birth of a legend and the British Blues scene in the sixties' (Roger Newell, Guitarist magazine). 'This book has rekindled my interest in reading.' (John Morgan, bass player)."This book should have a wide appeal with both music fans and musicians. Despite having interviewed many world famous pop stars, I knew very little about their instruments. I have always been just happy to enjoy the sounds. Barrie's book has really given me a new insight into bass guitars and I had a job to put it down at times. I also love the stories of 60s and 70s bands on the road and this book is full of them. Legendary venues like Eel Pie Island also got me really fascinated. There are famous names a plenty, like John Entwistle, Barrie actually went to his home, and one of my own folk heroes, Ashley Hutchings, who even borrowed his precious instrument. Having been inspired by Bill Haley, the author has certainly come a long way. I must admit I never expected to be enthralled by the story of a missing Fender Telecaster Bass. Surely a bass guitar was simply a bass guitar. I was hooked before I had finished the preface. I got very excited when the search looked to be reaching a climax. It was like the end of a good novel. I took the book to a hospital appointment and was even asked about it by the specialist. To think the Fender company owe their star bass to the perseverance of a man from the Isle of Wight is quite remarkable. It seems fitting in a way, as Mark King was born there, the late Jet Harris was a resident for many years and John Illsley co-owns a local hotel. I admire Barrie's style, obvious dedication to his instruments, the beautiful illustrations and, probably most of all, the wind beneath his wings, his wife Lesley. Some ladies would not have wanted to be in competition with a stringed object. Mind you, he took his beloved Fender bass to their bedroom the first night it finally returned home". (John Hannam, Broadcaster and Showbiz Writer). "Mr Midford-Millership has written a definitive book on the origins of the rare Slab 1966 Fender Precision Bass, a special order from Arbiter in England in 1966, which was the precursor to the re-issue 1967 Fender Telecaster Bass and the mystery that surrounded the origins of the rare custom order. Written with first hand knowledge and accounts, it describes the process of discovering the facts surrounding the custom order. It also provides the reader with a time capsule of information from the underground music scene in the early 60's. Full of photo's and details on the custom ordered bass run, this information can put to bed all the theories of how this limited run, custom order from the iconic Fender Company, came to be". (JW Black, ex Fender and co-author of The Fender Bass).
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