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November 1999



The group Theatre de Complicite is one of the world's most innovative theater companies. Their newest play is a revelation. Place and memory collide while stories that are older than the millennium connect to stories that surround us in everyday life.


Theatre de Complicite was founded in 1983 by Simon McBurney, Annabel Arden and Marcello Magni. They have created more than 27 productions, touring to over 180 cities in 41 countries over 4 continents - winning over 25 major international awards. Complicite have worked with a variety of collaborators , crossing different media in pieces that range from adaptations of writings and short stories throu gh reinterpretations of classic texts to major devised pieces such as MNEMONIC. Their recent product ions have included THE STREET OF CROCODILES, THE CHAIRS, THE THREE LIVES OF LUCIE CABROL and THE CAU CASIAN CHALK CIRCLE.
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Untertitel: 'Modern Plays'. 1 colour, 8 page sections. Sprache: Englisch.
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