The National Trust Guide to New Orleans

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April 1996



Toledano-New Orleans-144045 The Definitive Guide to the Architectural and Cultural Treasures of One of North America's Most Beloved Cities The National Trust Guide to New Orleans is an indispensable resource for tourists, armchair travelers, architects, and anyone concerned with the preservation of one of the world's most fascinating cities. From the cast iron ornamentation in the French Quarter to the stately Greek Revival residences of the Garden District, this lavishly illustrated guide takes you on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood journey through the architectural and cultural treasures of the "Big Easy." Providing a cross section of types and styles of architecture for each neighborhood covered, the guide pays special attention to architecturally important buildings once inhabited by notable persons. Photographs, drawings, engravings, etchings, maps, and other images created by earlier building watchers, show you the sites through the eyes of other generations. You'll find fascinating historical details about the buildings' architects, builders, and residents; up-to-date information on food, lodgings, and entertainment; and discussions of preservation issues that pertain to many of the sites.


CREOLE NEW ORLEANS. The French Quarter. Creole Suburbs. Esplanade Ridge and Bayou St. John. AMERICAN NEW ORLEANS. Faubourg St. Mary and Algiers and Gretna. The Lower Garden District. The Garden District. Uptown, University, and Carollton. LAGNIAPPE. Architecturally Speaking. Lodging and Restaurants. Books on New Orleans. Food, Jazz, and History: The Soul of New Orleans. BAGATELLE. New Orleans Cooking: A Preview. New Orleans Talking: A Glossary.


ROULHAC TOLEDANO has spent the past 25 years writing and lecturing about architecture and preservation issues. THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION is the only private, nonprofit organization chartered by Congress to encourage public participation in the preservation of sites, buildings, and objects significant in American history and culture.
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