The Scarpetta Cookbook

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Scott Conant's five Scarpetta restaurants all garner rave reviews, but many know Conant best from his regular appearances on Food Network shows like 24-Hour Restaurant Battle (as host), Chopped (as frequent judge), and on Bravo's Top Chef. This book features 125 of the restaurant's signature dishes.


"Scott Conant's cooking is certainly a departure from the predictable Italian meals we've come to expect. The spectacular food at Scarpetta has a foundation in Italy with an American sensibility that should be coined "Conant's Cuisine."-Bobby Flay, Chef/Author "This is a celebration of Scott's love of entertaining beautifully for his family and his Scarpetta guests. Rich in words and flavor, this a must-have for anyone who wants to know how to cook with passion and taste."-Marcus Samuelsson, James Beard Award Winning Chef, Author and Owner of Red Rooster Harlem
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