North American Parasitic Zoonoses

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North American Parasitic Zoonoses provides a concise and useful review of essential information about parasitic zoonotic diseases. North American Parasitic Zoonoses, volume six of "World Class Parasites", is written for researchers, students, veterinarians, physicians and scholars who enjoy reading research that has a major impact on human health, or agricultural productivity, and against which we have no satisfactory defense. It is intended to supplement more formal texts that cover taxonomy, life cycles, morphology, vector distribution, symptoms and treatment. It integrates vector, pathogen and host biology and celebrates the diversity of approach that comprises modern parasitological research.


Preface. Stealth Parasites: The Under Appreciated Burden of Parasitic Zoonoses in North America; J.L. Gauthier, et al. Toxocariasis and Baylisascariasis; P.M. Schantz. Trichinellosis; D.D. Despommier. Larval Tapeworm Infections: Cysticercosis, Cystic Echinococcosis and Alveolar Echinococcosis; A. Flisser. Intestinal Tapeworm Infections; D.J. Richardson. Other Noteworthy Zoonotic Helminths; D.J. Richardson. Cryptosporidiosis; C. Chappell. Toxoplasmosis; D.S. Lindsay. Babesiosis; P.J. Krause. Other Noteworthy Zoonotic Protozoa; O.J. Pung. Zoonotic Arthropod Parasites; L.A. Durden. Index.


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