War and Remembrance in the Twentieth Century

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Dezember 2004



Collaborative volume examining how wars have been remembered in Europe, America and the Middle East.


Introduction Emmanuel Sivan and Jay Winter; 1. Setting the framework Emmanuel Sivan and Jay Winter; 2. Forms of kinship and remembrance in the aftermath of the Great War Jay Winter; 3. War, death and remembrance in Soviet Russia Catherine Merridale; 4. Agents of memory: Spanish Civil War veterans and disabled soldiers Paloma Aguilar; 5. Children as war victims in postwar European cinema Pierre Sorlin; 6. From survivor to witness: voices from the Shoah Annette Wieviorka; 7. Landscapes of loss: little Tokyo in Los Angeles Dolores Hayden; 8. The Algerian war in French collective memory Antoine Prost; 9. Private pain and public remembrance in Israel Emmanuel Sivan; 10. Personal narratives and commemoration Samuel Hynes; 11. Against consolation: Walter Benjamin and the refusal to mourn Martin Jay.


'... this is precisely the kind of broad, comparative volume which scholars of the Holocaust should be reading.' Journal of Holocaust Education
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