Rice's Church Primer

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A beautifully presented introduction to the architecture and interior features of British churches. Explains the language of architecture in churches, from the restrained Norman style of William the Conqueror, to the gilded excesses of the Baroque. The primer begins with an explanation of the basic building blocks of churches before moving on to describing the different architectural styles in chronological order. A classic, enduring gift for anyone interested in British buildings.


Matthew Rice is the acclaimed author and illustrator of Rice's Architectural Primer; you might also have seen his work in Country Life, on his own calendar or on much of his wife Emma Bridgewater's pottery. He lives in Oxford and Norfolk.


The words are as engaging as the illustrations, for Mr Rice is a wordsmith as well as a penman, and manages, through both skills, to bring an understanding of the development of church architecture within reach of any reader whose depth of ignorance is matched by the breadth of their curiosity. -- Alan Titchmarsh Sunday Telegraph Charming, wittily illustrated ... Definitely one to slip into the glove apartment Saga Delightful Country Life Beautifully illustrated throughout ... It's easy to not only be enlightened but also delighted by Rice's drawings, which border on impish and quirky at times ... This is a delightful book, a welcoming introduction that's perfect for anyone who doesn't know their Perpendicular from their Decorated BBC Countryfile
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