Reconstructing China

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AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT CHINA'S NEW AND RAPIDLY CHANGING ROLE IN THE WORLDChina's rapid economic advancement has resulted in vast and unprecedented changes, among which opportunities and challenges coexist. As power is redistributed globally, China is finding itself at a crossroads. And as a socialist nation, China's economic rise presents unique challenges.
  • Where does China fit among powerful capitalist nations?
  • How can China leverage economic opportunities that comewith globalization--without disrupting international order?
  • How can China build the international trust necessary to continue on its path of peaceful development?

By comparing possible modes of the rise of great powers, Reconstructing China explains why it is absolutely essential that China take a path of peaceful development and growth, and how the nation can achieve it in the most effective way possible.
Written by international relations expert Li Jingzhi--a professor at Renmin University of China--Reconstructing China gives policymakers, global investors, business leaders, and anyone else interested in the rise of Chinaa perspective of China's growth they will find nowhere else.

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