Not the End of the World

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Juni 1999



The crew of an oceanic research vessel goes missing in the Pacific along with their mini-submarine. An evangelical media star holds a rally next door to a convention in LA devoted to 'nubile' cinematic entertainment. The cops know there's going to be trouble and they are not disappointed. What they didn't foresee was the presence in their state of a Glaswegian photographer with an indecipherable accent and a strong dislike of hypocrisy, or of a terrorist who seems to have access to plutonium as well as Semtex. In his unique style, Christopher Brookmyre throws a harsh light on the selfish preoccupations of 1990s society and at the same time provides uproarious entertainment.


Christopher Brookmyre, geboren 1968 in Barrhead bei Glasgow, wurde bereits mit diversen Krimipreisen ausgezeichnet, z. B. dem Critics First Blood Award for Best First Crime Novel und dem Sherlock Award for Best Comic Detective Novel.


Thrillingly unpleasant. ESQUIRE
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