Civilization & Barbarity in 20th Century Europe

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November 1999



Jackson deals with the political and cultural history of Europe in the twentieth century. This work is not, however, a chronological survey concentrating on political and economic developments. Rather, the major aspects of those developments, and of international relations -- both peaceful and warlike -- are seen as the necessary background for the consideration of European culture, values, practical expectations, and the lifestyles available to, or imposed upon, the population as a whole.The "civilization" of twentieth-century Europe has included many of the most revolutionary scientific advances in human history, some of the most original movements in art and music, and the creation of a "welfare state" Offering more varied opportunities ordinary citizen than any previous civilization. It has democratized both traditional intellectual and artistic culture, and the popular culture of mass media entertainment, travel, and athletics. It has witnessed the gradual extension of the concepts of human fights and religious and racial toleration. The "barbarity" of the present century has included the two most destructive wars in human history; a large number of authoritarian, arbitrary, and incompetent dictatorships; and, in the forms of Nazism and Stalinism, the most vile and sadistic regimes of which we have any documented record.Jackson offers concentrated discussion of specific examples to convey the current significance, and the possible future, of a democratic and pluralistic Europe.


Gabriel Jackson served as a U.S. Army cartographer during World War II and has been a Fulbright scholar in both France and Spain. He has taught at Wellesley College, Knox College, and the University of California at La Jolla. His published works include The Spanish Republic and the Civil War, and A Concise History of the Spanish Civil War. He currently serves on the Commission for Cultural, Educational, and Scientific Exchange between the United States and Spain.
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