Exploring Twentieth-Century Music: Tradition and Innovation

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This study of the music of a group of important composers of the twentieth century includes Debussy, Webern, Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Bartó k, Janá cek, Britten, Carter, Birtwistle, Andriessen and Adams. Arnold Whittall explores the cultural contexts and critical perspectives which shed light on certain works by these composers. In particular, he reveals the continuum between the progressive and the conservative underlying the great variety of styles and musical genres in twentieth-century composition.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. The work in the world; 2. Reflections, reactions; 3. Rites of renewal and remembrance; 4. Transcending the secular; 5. Overlapping opposites: Schoenberg observed; 6. The subject of Britten; 7. Engagement or alienation?; 8. Rites of transformation; 9. Modernism, lyricism; 10. Experiment and orthodoxy; 11. Modernism in retreat?; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


Arnold Whittall is Professor Emeritus of Music Theory and Analysis at King's College London and he has written widely on twentieth-century music. His recent publications include The Music of Britten and Tippett (1990) and Musical Composition in the Twentieth Century (1999).


"One might ask if this book, closely following Whitalls Musical Composition in the Twentieth Century (1999), is sufficiently different to merit consideration. The answer is an emphatic yes.... Highly recommended." Choice
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