Transfiguring the Arts and Sciences

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August 2013



This book discusses how Romantic-age writers and new cultural institutions transformed ideas of knowledge inherited from the early-modern period.


Introduction; Part I. Questions of the Arts and Sciences: 1. From the age of projects to the age of institutions; 2. The administrator as cultural producer: restructuring the arts and sciences; 3. Wild bibliography: the rise and fall of book history in the nineteenth century; 4. Print and institution in the making of art controversy; 5. History and organization in the Romantic-age sciences; Part II. Questions of the Literary: 6. The Coleridge Institution; 7. Dissension in the arts and sciences; Epilogue: transatlantic crossings; Bibliography; Notes.


Jon Klancher is Professor of English at Carnegie Mellon University. His areas of research include Romantic and Victorian studies, the history of books and reading, and the sociology of cultural fields. He is editor of A Concise Companion to the Romantic Age (2009).
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