Health and Welfare of Captive Reptiles

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November 2001



This most important book fully examines the welfare of captive reptiles and discusses the positive and negative implications of general husbandry and research programmes. The editors, acknowledged experts in their own right, have drawn together an extremely impressive international group of contributors providing clearly written and comprehensive accounts of aspects such as physiology, physical stress, diet, veterinary and environmental issues, normal behaviour, psychological stress and informed design in research.


Introduction: Health and welfare of captive reptiles.
Physiology and functional anatomy. Biology of stress: interactions
with reproduction, immunology and intermediary metabolism. Nutritional
considerations. Veterinary perspectives and techniques in husbandry
and research. Naturalistic versus clinical environments in husbandry
and research. Normal behaviour. Effects of ontogenetic processes and
rearing conditions. Behavioural consequences of husbandry
manipulations: indicators of arousal, quiescence and evironmental
awareness. Psychological and behavioural principles and problems.
Ethologically informed design in husbandry and research. Miscellaneous
factors affecting health and welfare. Index.


`The narratives are well written and sufficiently user-friendly to be read by almost anyone who raises reptiles. The book will be particularly useful for vertebrate zoologists, veterinarians, reptile breeders, and zoo keepers.'
`This book is a welcome addition to the steadily increasing library of herpetological literature ... an impressive international group of contributors are to be found within.'
The Veterinary Record
`The editors are acknowledged experts in this field, and a great deal of care has gone into the production of this book, involving 17 contributors in addition to the editors.'
CAB International, Veterinary Bulletin
`This book is an interesting early examination of the animal welfare aspects of working with reptiles in captivity and also in nature.'
The Herpetological Journal
`To review such a packed volume is difficult indeed, in order to give the correct credence to its excellence ... a most important step forward in the cataloguing of existing knowledge on the subject ... essential reading for all workers in the field ...'

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