Teacher Rounds: A Guide to Collaborative Learning in and from Practice

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Teachers can be leaders of their own ongoing learning-and their best professional development resources may be their own classrooms and colleagues. Applying the Teacher Rounds methodology, teachers learn with and from each other through classroom observations and inquiry and develop a trusted community of practice.

Scholar-teacher Thomas Del Prete outlines every aspect of this practice-based approach to professional learning, including:

Step-by-step guidance and tools for implementing Teacher Rounds
Insights on creating a positive environment for honest feedback
A wealth of examples from a high-performing school and across all grade levels and disciplines
Based on a whole-hearted commitment to the art and science of teaching, this book helps teachers take classroom instruction to new levels of excellence.


About the Author
1. The Practice of Teaching and Teacher Rounds: Aiming for the Sweet Spot
What Do We Teach For and How Do Students Learn Deeply and Well?
How Do Our Ideas About What We Teach for and About Learning Shape Teaching Practice?
How Do Teachers Develop Expertise?
Questions to Consider
2. The Teacher Round Protocol
Preparing for Teacher Rounds
The Teacher Round Protocol
The Teacher Round Protocol in Action: Kate's 7th Grade Mathematics Teacher Round
3. Teacher Round Learning in High School
Leann's Teacher Round: Understanding Theme in English Literature
Tara's Teacher Round: Investigating Free Fall in One Dimension
Phoebe's Teacher Round: Introduction to Constructive Critique in Art Class
Jeremy S.'s Teacher Round: A Visual Introduction to the Great Depression
Jeremy's Preround Orientation: Immersion in the Odyssey
4. Sharing and Developing Expertise in Elementary School
Margaret's Teacher Round: Early Guided Reading (Grade 2)
Teacher Rounds at Jacob Hiatt Elementary School
5. Rounds Day at University Park Campus School
Rounds Day
For Consideration and Reflection
6. Deepening Inquiry, Observation, and Reflection
The Challenge of Inquiry
The Challenge of Round Observation
The Challenge of Postround Reflection
7. The Courage to Learn in and From Practice
Developing Expertise in a Complex Practice
Trust, Openness, and the Courage to Learn
Establishing a Zone of Authentic Teacher Learning
Integrity of Teachers, Integrity of the Profession
An Inherently Hopeful, Reflective, and Democratic Act
Appendix A. Introducing Teacher Rounds: Several Examples
Chandler Elementary Community School
Claremont Academy
North Shore Technical High School Teacher Induction Program
Appendix B. Starting at the Beginning: Preservice Teacher Rounds
Rethinking Teacher Preparation and Practice
Integrating Teacher Rounds into Preservice Programs
Clark University Model
University of South Carolina Model
Teachers College at Columbia University
The "Rounds Project" at the University of Michigan
Towards an Integrated Practice-Based Approach: The Example of Clark University
Appendix C. The Teacher Round Protocol (Sample Short Version)


Thomas Del Prete is the inaugural Director of the Adam Institute for Urban Teaching and School Practice at Clark University in Worcester, MA. He is past Director of the Hiatt Center for Urban Education at Clark and a former teacher of history and English at the middle and high school levels. He has worked for twenty-five years in teacher education, school-university partnership, and school reform. His previous books include Improving the Odds: Developing Powerful Teaching Practice and a Culture of Learning in Urban High Schools and Thomas Merton and the Education of the Whole Person. He has participated in hundreds of Teacher Rounds, most with his colleagues in the urban schools of "Main South" in Worcester, MA, in an effort to learn in and from practice.


"This clearly written and highly accessible book offers a form of professional practice that begins with a deep respect for teachers. I urge school leaders, teacher educators, classroom teachers, and others concerned with improving the educational opportunities of our children to read this book and immediately put the ideas into action."
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