Teachers of the Inner Chambers: Women and Culture in Seventeenth-Century China

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Januar 1995



Rejecting both popular image and accepted Western and Chinese scholarship on the status of women in premodern China, this pathbreaking work argues that literate gentrywomen in seventeenth-century Jiangnan were far from being oppressed or silenced. The author reconstructs the social, emotional, and intellectual worlds of these women from the interstices between ideology, practice, and self-perception.


Introduction: gender and the politics of Chinese history; Part I. Social and Private Histories: 1. In the floating world: women and commercial publishing; 2. The enchantment of love in The Poetry Pavilion; Part II. Womanhood: 3. Margins of domesticity: enlarging the women's sphere; 4. Talent, virtue, and beauty: rewriting womanhood; Part III. Women's culture: 5. Domestic communities: male and female domains; 6. Social and public communities: genealogies across time and space; 7. Transitory communities: courtesan, wife, and professional artist; Epilogue; Reference matter; Notes; Index.
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