Abraham Lincoln

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Since its publication, "Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President" has garnered numerous accolades, not least the prestigious 1999 Lincoln Prize. Now, for the first time, Allen C. Guelzo's peerless biography of America's most celebrated president is available in a fine paperback edition.The first "intellectual biography" of Lincoln, this volume explores the role of ideas in Lincoln's life, treating him as a serious thinker deeply involved in the nineteenth-century debates over politics, religion, and culture. Written with passion and dramatic impact, Guelzo's masterful study offers a revealing new perspective on a man whose life was in many ways a paradox. As journalist RichardN. Ostling notes, "much has been written about Lincoln's belief and disbelief, " but Guelzo's extraordinary account "goes deeper."


Allen Guelzo is dean of the Templeton Honors College and the Grace Kea Professor of American History at Eastern College, Pennsylvania


"Is it possible that amid the voluminous literature on Abraham Lincoln, there is room for yet another study? Allen Guelzo's Abraham Lincoln eloquently proves that there is." -Publishers Weekly
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