That Water, Those Rocks

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Januar 2003



The niece of a chief engineer on Shasta Dam's construction, Katharine Haake found inspiration for her first novel in California's rivers and the dams that contain and shape them.


Katharine Haake is the author of two books of creative writing theory and three works of fiction, including The Height and Depth of Everything: Stories (see page 18). Haake is professor of English at California State University, Northridge, where she directs the creative writing program. She lives in Los Angeles.


"Katharine Haake's That Water, Those Rocks is a marvelous meditation on our future, rich with the urgency of our destructiveness: the clash of metaphar and reality, the struggle of intelligence against the dumb-fact world, the failure of language, the wonder of story, the horror of time both past and future, the dream of the present, the impossibility of story, the beautiful impossibility of our survival, the morbid reality of our survival, the slow end of the world and the creative resilience of the world. It is an important statement and an important book." - Chuck Rosenthal, author of Jack Kerouac's Avatar Angel
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