The Future of the Oocyte

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November 2012



Since the first successful transfer of an in vitro fertilised human egg in 1976, modern endocrinology, genetics, and assisted reproductive technologies have opened new frontiers of research with the aim to treat infertile women. In this workshop we set out to promote an interdisciplinary discussion between experts from various fields of basic, company-based and clinical research related to folliculogenesis and oocyte development. The aim of this workshop was to present, discuss and assess novel approaches in mammalian folliculogenesis and oocyte development that may have an impact on fertility/ infertility in the near or distant future. Key issues were the understanding of new modulators of folliculogenesis and regulators of cytoplasmic as well as meiotic oocyte maturation, modern technologies, the aging oocyte and pathogenetic mechanisms of infertility.


Baird/M: Hormone Control of Folliculogenesis: The Key to Successful Reproduction.- Fortune: Activation of Primordial Follicles.- Billig/Markström/Svensson/Shao/Friberg: Follicular Development and Apoptosis.- Richards: Delivery of the Oocyte from the Follicle to the Oviduct.- Varani/Matzuk: Phenotypic Effects of Knockout of Oocyte-Specific Genes.- Downs: The Biochemistry of Oocyte Maturation.- Albertini: The Structural Basis of Oocyte-Granulosa Cell Communication.- Eichenlaub-Ritter: Ageing and Aneuploidy in Oocytes.- Ludwig/Diedrich: Ovarian Infertility - Reasons and Treatments Paradigms.- Smitz: Can Stimulation Protocols Improve Oocyte Quality?- Grondahl: FF-MAS - and its Role in Mammalian Oocyte Maturation.
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