Turkey and the European Community

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September 2012



Nearly 29 years have passed since the EC and Thrkey forged the Association Agreement on 12.3.63. After abrief period on hold, Thrkish-EC relations regained dynamism when Thrkey applied for full membership on April 14, 1987. The view of the EC Commission, as presented some two and a half years later to the Council of Ministers, was approved by EC Foreign Ministers. The response stated that the EC would not start negotiations for membership until the completion of the Single Market. The main points of the Commission's observation focused on the discrepancy in the levels of economic development between Turkey and the EC, the issue of human rights, shortcomings in social security and the question of Cyprus. This response was a source of great disappoinment in Thrkey; because it had been a consistent ally of the West until then, taken important steps towards democracy and a free-market economy, EC membership, as Thrkey saw it, was to be its reward.


I. Introduction.- II. Demographic Contributions of Turkey's Membership in the EC.- III. Economic Contributions of Turkey's Membership in the EC.- 3.1. Contributions in Trade.- 3.1.1. Foreign Trade Relations Between Turkey and the EC.- 3.1.2. Preventing a Protectionist Policy in Turkish Foreign Trade.- 3.2. Turkey's Budget Transfer to the EC.- 3.2.1. Revenues And Expenditures of the EC.- 3.2.2. Estimated Model for Turkey's Contributions of Customs Duties to the EC Budget for its Imports from Non-EC Countries in the Event of Membership.- 3.3. Contributions of Investments.- 3.3.1. Direct Investments from the EC.- Introduction.- Reasons for Direct Investments.- Direct Foreign Capital Investments in Turkey.- The Contributions of Turkish Full Membership to the EC With Regard to DFCI.- Statistical Assessment.- Factors Influential on The Investment Decisions Of Foreign Capital.- General Evaluations and Conclusions.- The Spanish Experience After Full Membership.- 3.3.2. Turkey's Direct Capital Investments In The EC.- IV. Political Contributions of Turkey's Membership in the EC.- 4.1. Introduction.- 4.2. The Consistency and Credibility of the EC Arguments.- 4.3. Turkey's Support of EC Foreign Policy.- 4.4. Turkey as a Model for Islamic Countries.- V. The Cultural Contricutions of Turkey's Membership in the EC.- 5.1. Introduction.- 5.2. The Definition of Culture.- 5.3. The EC's View of Culture.- 5.4. Turkish Culture in the Eyes of Europe.- 5.5. Turkey, a European Country.- 5.6. The Role of Islam.- 5.7. General Evaluations and Conclusions.- Notes.- List of Tables.- List of Graphs.
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