Problems of Seismology

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This volume is a selection of the most significant papers Yu,V. Riz­ nichenko wrote during his 30-year career and concerns the development of fundamental problems of seismology. The book is in five parts. The first is devoted to source seismicity. It starts with a chapter on the "elementary unit" of seismicity, viz. the earthquake source. The size of an earthquake is in itself a significant problem in seismology and, is discussed here. The main energetic parameters of the source are consi­ dered, namely, seismic energy, magnitude, seismic moment, geometric size of the main fault, displacements along the fault, and stress drop. The main results of comparison, mutual adjustment and correlations between these parameters are presented. The following chapters are a logical continuation of the first: from an individual earthquake source to a set of earthquakes in space and time, viz. a seismic regime. The chapters convey the now classical principles of seismic regime parametrization and mapping techniques for long-term average seismic activity based on basic principles. How to determine the maximum possible earthquake is a central question. Both the theoretical (or gnostic) and practical i.e. seismic zon­ ing, aspects are considered. Methods of determining and mapping the maximum possible earthquakes are proposed, in particular, by correlating them with seismic activity and, in general, from seismological and other geophysical, geological, geomorphological and geodetical data sets.


I. Source Seismology.- 1 Earthquake Evaluation.- 2 Quantitative Presentation of Seismicity.- 3 The Maximum Possible Earthquake.- 4 A Model of Space-Time Evolution of Seismicity.- 5 The Mass Determination of the Coordinates of Local Earthquakes and of the Velocities of Seismic Waves in the Focal Areas.- 6 Seismic Magnitudes of the Underground Nuclear Explosions.- II. Seismic Hazard.- 7 Quantitative Estimate of Seismic Hazard.- 8 Macroseismics.- III. Seismotectonic Flow of Rock Masses.- 9 Seismic Flow of Rock Masses.- 10 Extended Focus and Seismotectonic Flow of Rock Masses.- IV. Geoacoustics.- 11 Simulation of Seismic Phenomena.- 12 Seismoacoustic Investigations of the Stress State in Rocks.- V. Structural Seismology.- 13 Why Seismology?.- 14 General Properties of Systems of Seismic Wave Travel Times.- 15 Study of the Earth's Crust and Upper Mantle.- 16 Instrument Theory.- References.


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