Tetracyclines in Biology, Chemistry and Medicine

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The tetracyclines have an illustrious history as therapeutic agents which dates back over half a century. Initially discovered as an antibiotic in 1947, the four­ ringed molecule has captured the fancy of chemists and biologists over the ensuing decades. Of further interest, as described in the chapter by George Armelagos, tetracyclines were already part of earlier cultures, 1500-1700 years ago, as revealed in traces of drug found in Sudanese Nubian mummies. The diversity of chapters which this book presents to the reader should illus­ trate the many disciplines which have examined and seen benefits from these fascinating natural molecules. From antibacterial to anti-inflammatory to anti­ autoimmunity to gene regulation, tetracyclines have been modified and redesigned for various novel properties. Some have called this molecule a biol­ ogist's dream because of its versatility, but others have seen it as a chemist's nightmare because of the synthetic chemistry challenges and "chameleon-like" properties (see the chapter by S. Schneider).


Section I Chemistry, biology and microbiologic action of tetracyclines (Editor: Mark L. Nelson).- The chemistry and cellular biology of the tetracyclines.- Proton and metal ion binding of tetracyclines.- Section II Tetracycline-dependent gene regulation: A versatile tool for all organisms (Editor: Wolfgang Hillen).- Gene regulation by the tetracycline-inducible Tet repressor-operatorsystem - molecular mechanisms at atomic resolution.- Regulation of gene expression in yeast and plants by tetracycline-dependent regulatory systems.- Tetracyclines in the control of gene expression in eukaryotes.- Tetracycline-regulated gene expression to study oncogenes in vivo..- Interactions of tetracyclines with RNA.- Section III Use of tetracyclines as non-antimicrobial medicinal agents (Editor: Robert A. Greenwald).- Biologic, non-antibiotic properties of semi-synthetic and chemically modified tetracyclines - a structured, annotated bibliography.- Tetracycline consumption in prehistory.- Tetracycline treatment of periodontal disease: antimicrobial and non-antimicrobial mechanisms.- Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) by tetracyclines.- Structure/function studies of doxycycline effects on matrixmetalloproteinase activity and cartilage degeneration.- Regulation of inflammatory mediators by tetracyclines.- Tetracyclines and autoimmunity.- Tetracycline photodynamics.


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