The Euro Crisis and Its Aftermath

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August 2014



An explanation of the origins of the euro, the build-up of imbalances and oversights that led to the crisis, the choices European policymakers have addressed and ignored since 2010, the evolution of the policy agenda, and possible options for the future.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; PART 1: BARE-BONES UTOPIA; 1. The day the euro ceased to be boring; 2. The last utopia of the century; 3. The walls of Frankfurt; 4. Only one bed for two dreams; 5. The orphan currency; PART 2: CRISES FORETOLD, UNEXPECTED CRISES; 6. Germany's long penance; 7. The perfect culprit; 8. The golden decade; 9. The misfits; 10. The dogs that did not bark; PART 3: AGONIES OF CHOICE; 11. To help or not to help; 12. Let the banks pay?; 13. A lender of last resort?; 14. Redemption through austerity?; 15. Let's break it up?; PART 4: THE REPAIR AGENDA; 16. Fixing the economy; 17. Sharing financial risk; 18. A real or a mock budget?; 19. A European safe asset; 20. Governance reform; Conclusions; Glossary; Euro crisis timeline; Selected references


Jean Pisani-Ferry currently serves as the Director of Economic Policy Planning for the Prime Minister of France. He is also Professor of Economics at Universite Paris-Dauphine and the former director of Bruegel, a Brussels-based economic think tank.
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