Evolution of Insect Migration and Diapause

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This volume is an outgrowth of a Symposium entitled "Evolution of Escape in Space and Time" held at the XV International Congress of Entomology in Washington, D. C., USA in August, 1976. The choice of topic was prompted by recent advances in evolutionary ecology and the apparent suitability of insect migration and dia­ pause as appropriate material for evolutionary studies. In the event, that choice seems amply justified as I hope a perusal of these papers will show. These Sympos­ ium papers hardly cover the topic of the evolution of escape mechanisms exhaustively, and I am sure everyone will have his favorite lacuna. Some of the more obvious ones are indicated by Professor Southwood in his Concluding Remarks at the end of the book. The purpose of the Symposium, however, was not complete coverage, but rather to indicate the potential inherent­ in insect migration and diapause for the study of evolutionary problems. In that I think we have succeeded reasonably well. These papers are expanded and in some cases somewhat altered versions of the papers delivered in Washington. This has allowed greater coverage of the topics in question. I suggested a format of a general overview of a topic emphasizing the author's own research con­ tributions. In general the papers follow this outline although emphases vary. Two of the authors, Dr. Rainey and Dr. Lumme, were unable to attend the Symposium. Dr. Rainey's paper was read by Mr. Frank Walsh, but Dr.


1 - Migration.
Hormonal Control of Insect Migratory Behavior.
The Evolution and Ecology of Flight: The "Oceanographic" Approach.
2 - Diapause, Development, and Phenology.
Evolution of Phenological Strategies in Insects: A Comparative Approach with Eco-physiological and Genetic Considerations.
Seasonal and Latitudinal Adaptations in the Life Cycles of Crickets.
Variability in Diapause Attributes of Insects and Mites: Some Evolutionary and Practical Implications.
Phenological Adaptation and the Polymodal Emergence Patterns of Insects.
Phenology and Photoperiodic Diapause in Northern Populations of Drosophila.
Fitness Variation in a Natural Population.
3 - Migration, Diapause, and Life Histories.
Migration, Diapause, and Direct Development as Alternative Life Histories in a Seed Bug, Neacoryphus bicrucis.
Wing Dimorphism and Diapause in Gerris: Determination and Adaptive Significance.
Migration and Diapause in Tropical, Temperate, and Island Milkweed Bugs.
Escape in Space and Time - Concluding Remarks.
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