The Ascendancy of Europe: 1815-1914

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The third edition of the bestselling history of Europe from the Congress of Vienna to the First World War. "Explains economic, social, military, intellectual and colonial developmets in a clear, precise and engaging manner." "Teaching History".


1.The Political and Economic Balance of Power 2. The Mechanics of Government: Freedom and Authority 3. Economy and Society: the new and the old 4. States and Nations 5. Europe and the World 6. Armed Forces and War 7. Romanticism, Evolution, Consciousness: the movement of ideas Conclusion Select Bibliography Index


M. S. Anderson is Professor Emeritus of International History in the University of London. His many works include, The Origins of the Modern European State System (1998), Peter the Great (1995) and Europe in the Eighteenth Century (1997).


Reviews of previous editions: 'Anderson's book is one of the few that explains economic, social, military, intellectual and colonial developments in a clear, precise and engaging manner.'Teaching History 'An exceptionally helpful guide to a much deeper understanding of European history in these years.' History 'Well written, stimulating, thoughtful' French History 'Packed with shrewdness, wisdom and well-directed erudition...invaluble to university students and teachers.' British Book News
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