Biological Control: Measures of Success

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Oktober 2002



As well as examining successful biological control programmes this book analyses why the majority of attempts fail. Off-target and other negative effects of biological control are also dealt with. Chapters contributed by leading international researchers and practitioners in all areas of biological control afford the book a breadth of coverage and depth of analysis not possible with a single author volume. Combined with the use of other experts to review chapters and editorial oversight to ensure thematic integrity of the volume, this book provides the most authoritative analysis of biological control published. Key aspects addressed include how success may be measured, how successful biological control has been to date and how may it be made more successful in the future. With extensive use of contemporary examples, photographs, figures and tables this book will be invaluable to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as being a `must' for all involved in making biological control successful.


Foreword; J. Waage. Preface. A History of Methodological, Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to Biological Control; G.M. Gurr, et al. Classical Arthropod Biological Control: Measuring Success, Step By Step; R.G. van Driesche, M.S. Hoddle. Success in Biological Control of Arthropods by Augmentation of Natural Enemies; J.C. van Lenteren. Success in Conservation Biological Control of Arthropods; G.M. Gurr, et al. Success in Biological Control of Terrestrial Molluscs; G.R. Port, et al. Success in Biological Control of Aquatic Weeds by Arthropods; I.W. Forno, M.H. Julien. Success in Biological Control of Terrestrial Weeds by Arthropods; P. Syrett, et al. Success in Biological Control of Plant Pathogens and Nematodes by Microorganisms; J.M. Whipps, K.G. Davies. Success in Biological Control of Soil-dwelling Insects by Pathogens and Nematodes; T.A. Jackson, et al. Success in Biological Control of Above-ground Insects by Pathogens; W.D. Gelernter, C.J. Lomer. Success in Biological Control of Weeds by Pathogens, Including Bioherbicides; B.A. Auld. Success in Biological Control of Vertebrate Pests; G.J. Hickling. Non-target Effects of Biological Control Agents; F.G. Howarth. Synthesis: The Future Success of Biological Control; S.D. Wratten, G.M. Gurr. Index.


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