Some Like It Hot: The Beach as a Cultural Dimension

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Juni 2003



This book concentrates on three core themes: beach subcultures, body culture and the beach, and the commodification of the surf industry. Topics include culture and the beach, the postmodern surfer, surf-lifesaving, surfing girls, surf movies and magazines, professionalism and consumerism.


Allan Edwards is a lecturer in Education at Griffith University on the Gold Coast in Queensland. He has a special interest in the Post modern Condition and is well published. He has developed chapters in books and has presented at several international conferences in the area of culture and sport. In particular he promotes the development of Post modern Ethnography and interpretive research. Keith Gilbert is a lecturer In Education at Monash University in Melbourne and researches in the area of sport sociology. He is an Executive Board Member of the International Council of sport Science and Physical Education. He is currently researching notions of the body and disability and has an overall interest in various forms of qualitative and interpretive research. James Skinner lectures at Southern Cross University in sport business. Some of the courses he has delivered include: sport organization theory, sport strategy, sociology of sport and the sociohistorical aspects of sport. His primary research area concentrates on culture as it relates to sporting studies and change. He is currently involved in the development of Centre of Surfing Education and Research. In this process he is working closely with representatives Surfing Australia, the Association of Surfing Professionals, and the International Surfing Association

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