Pal Benko

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Dezember 2003



From his early years in war-torn Hungary to his legendary chess competitions, this autobiography and game collection features details on the Grandmaster's myriad openings, middlegame positions, and strength in the endgame. Photos & game diagrams.


Pal Benko is a Grandmaster, A former World Championship Candidate, a winner of innumerable international competitions, the author of hundreds of articles and several chess books. The most dominating open tournament player in American history, Benko's name is entwined in virtually every modern area of chess mythology and chess theory. Jeremy Silman is an International Master and a world-class teacher, writer, and player who has won the American Open, the National Open, and the US Open. Considered by many to be the game's pre-eminent instructive writer, he is the author of over thirty-six highly popular books.

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Untertitel: My Life, Games, and Compositions. b/w photos & illus. Sprache: Englisch.
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