Let's Ask Michael: 100 Practical Solutions for Design Challenges

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April 2003



Payne, host of HGTV's "Designing for the Sexes" series, brings his expertise, talents, and experience in this fresh approach to solving the most common interior design problems. 175 illustrations.


<H3>Chapter 1: Bedrooms<H3>Chapter 2: Bathrooms<H3>Chapter 3: Living Rooms<H3>Chapter 4: Kitchens<H3>Chapter 5: Dining Rooms<H3>Chapter 6: Family Rooms<H3>Chapter 7: Rest of the House<H4>Appendix A: Professional Interior Design


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Excerpts from feature article about author Michael Payne by Erica Noonan A couples-therapy view of decorating Every Thursday night at 9, Payne strolls up the front walk of a Los Angeles mansion to call decorating timeout for a bickering couple. Usually, he introduces the design dilemma with something provocative like, "She loves French country. He loves Salvadore Dali melting-clock posters. Can these two ever agree? Then in 30 minutes, courtesy of Home & Garden Television, they invariabley do. Payne, 57, is the first of the new wave of telegenic, celebrity interior designers to advocate for the man of the house. For decades men's decorating opinions were ignored -- or worse, mocked by women and the designers they hired. ..."It's all about compromise," he said, and most "Designing for the Sexes" couples end up happy. ... Payne's first book, Let's Ask Michael, a collection of reader e-mails and solutions to common design dilemmas, is due to be published next month by McGraw-Hill...
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