Once Around the Sun

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November 2013



Each year consists of many seasons, each with its own unique appeal. Besides winter, spring, summer, and fall, within the pages of this book you'll find seasons of life and love, sports seasons, and even seasons of discovery.

The multiple award-winning Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC, once again brings you stories that span a range of genres. Readers of mystery, romance, humor, paranormal, children's, literary, popular, and women's fiction will all find something to love. No matter your favorite season, you're sure to discover a tale to amuse and delight.


"Beautiful voices, gorgeous writing--fresh and vibrant and compelling and irresistible. This collection of stories--each one a gem--is a real treasure. Dip in and try one--lounging by the shore or curled up by the fire, you'll find a perfect story for every season."

Hank Phillippi Ryan--Agatha, Anthony, Macavity, and Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning author

"Once Around the Sun escorts its lucky readers through the seasons. We witness winter snows and spring's thaw; we feel summer's heat and autumn's chill. But the real journey cuts much deeper, an exposing of rich veins of faith, humor, friendship, and love. Once Around the Sun follows the cycles of our world and lives, a trip navigated by voices you won't soon forget."

Curtis Smith--author of BEASTS & MEN and WITNESS

"Once Around the Sun proves the short story is alive and well! Cover to cover, it is packed with delightful, insightful, and exciting short stories. What a treasure! Perfect weekend reading."

Rebecca Forster--USA Today bestselling author of THE WITNESS series and other thrillers

"This collection has a cosmic range of genres, styles, and matters of the heart that matter: pets, sports, hobbies, preserves, reserves, heroes, villains, mentors, ghosts, lovers haunted and haunting. It sticks to the soul."

Geoff Gehman--author of THE KINGDOM OF THE KID

The Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC, is a community of mutually-supportive fiction and nonfiction writers who meet regularly in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to study and perfect their craft.
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Untertitel: Sweet, Funny, and Strange Tales for All Seasons. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC
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